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Clinician in Training

Job Number: JOB00015
Job Name: Clinician in Training
Job Description: Pacific Center’s Clinical Services Training Program provides LGBTQIA+ culturally aware training for the next generation of mental health professionals. Associates and trainees enrolled in our year long program deliver psychotherapy services to the diverse East Bay LGBTQIA+ and QTBIPOC communities while earning hours towards licensure.

Pacific Center has 16 clinician spots open for a September 1st start date as well as an Advanced Cohort for post-masters level clinicians. Applications are accepted February 1st through April 30th. Pacific Center's Clinical Training Program is an unpaid traineeship for individuals who are still in school, with an hourly stipend for those who are post-masters. Scholarships are available for queer and trans people of color.
Job Requirements: There is a required minimum of 8 client hours per week (up to 10 for in school trainees). The Advanced Cohort has a minimum of 12 client hours per week. Clinic Hours are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm Saturday. Orientation takes place in the first two weeks of September and attendance is mandatory.

The following weekly groups are provided for all clinicians as part of our training. Attendance is required.


PDG provides interns and trainees with an opportunity to explore how societal systems, oppression and privilege (the macro) interact with our personal histories and identities (the micro) in ways that then inform our work as therapists. Specifically, race, racism and racial equity are centered. Through this lens, group participants will look at their relationship to various aspects of our world including self, others, institutions, and systems. The PDG format includes 90-minutes of interactive learning. The group helps pre-licensed individuals expand their sense of themselves as therapists and integrate what they are learning in the training program.

- DIDACTIC TRAINING (not required for Advanced Cohort):
Weekly 2 hour training tailored to enhance and deepen your clinical skills to better serve the community. Because our clinical program is a hybrid community based mental clinic with an overlay of private practice sensibilities, the training program is designed to address the contemporary needs of the clients and the community we serve through a multi-dimensional lens. The trainings offered include a variety of ideologies and orientations. Some examples of the training topics include: Assessment and Diagnosis, Crisis Intervention, Working with HIV+ Clients, Polyamorous relationships, and SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression).

Pacific Center is dedicated to creating community and providing support within a safe space for clinicians as they move through the training process. We offer a weekly affinity group devoted to offering BIPOC clinicians a safe(r) space to discuss their experiences in the world and in our training program, and a weekly accountability group for white clinicians to explore opportunities for growth as it relates to dynamics of power, privilege and oppression, and how they show up in relationships. Depending on the emergent needs of group members, groups are either self-directed or conducted by staff. Both models receive support from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program.
Qualifications: Applicants must be comfortable working in a Windows-based environment and proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; basic knowledge of GMail and Google Workspace Apps; basic experience with Adobe Acrobat/Reader or similar PDF software. Previous experience with Salesforce or any practice management software helpful, but not required.

NOTE: During the Covid-19 shelter in place, Pacific Center utilizes Google Workspace (email, video, files/drive, calendar) and Salesforce as a combined electronic records management system. Applicants will be given ample training and must be able to work in these formats with reasonable accommodations, when needed.

Pacific Center considers legal shelter-in-place regulations merely the floor and not the ceiling in how Pacific Center operates with an abundance of safety in mind. However, we will weigh BBS requirements for in-person supervision and/or therapy hours. Therefore, we ask that you be located in the Bay Area or plan to return to the Bay Area upon reopening.
Application Instructions: What you will need to complete the application:
- Complete and submit online application form.
- Application Questions PDF.
- Resume/CV PDF.
- Name, phone number, and mailing address of two (2) clinical references (supervisors, teachers, etc).
- Two (2) signed Letters of Recommendation.

Email all application materials to (PDF with digital signatures approved during SIP) OR mail application materials:

Pacific Center for Human Growth
ATTN: Clinic Administrator
2712 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

Recommendation Letters may also be sent electronically if sent directly by the reference person; and/or are signed.
Application Questions: With the exception of Question 1, limit responses to no more than 1 (8 1/2 x 11) page single-spaced for each question. File formats preferred: doc, docx, and pdf.

1. Write an autobiographical statement addressing your interest in becoming a psychotherapist, as well as your current understanding of who you, as a therapist, hope to become. Include any aspects of your life or past experiences which seem relevant to you. Feel free to share any personal involvement in psychotherapy and what you found helpful/unhelpful.

2. The Pacific Center Clinic primarily serves the mental health needs of the LGBTQIA+ and QTBIPOC communities in the Bay Area. Please reflect on your motivation to work with these communities, as well as any personal or professional experience you may have..

3. The impact of culture and society on the development of the self is an important aspect of clinical thinking at the Pacific Center. Please reflect upon the impact of power and privilege, and structural oppression on your own lived experiences of difference as it relates to your own development.

4. Is there any event on the horizon, including school requirements, that may cause you to leave your placement early, without fulfilling your contract for the full 12 months?